My Experience at Tony Robbins UPW Event in Sydney

I went to Tony Robbins event in Sydney and it was incredible. I cannot recommend this event enough to anyone. This was the first time I attend Tony’s live event after listening to many of his programs.

I took my weekend away from my family and flew to Sydney. The first day at the event, registration area was packed with thousands of people. That made me feel like I’m going to a concert, not a personal development seminar. The normal size of a self-help seminar is about 100-500 people. This event had over 6,000 people from my estimation. This really got me excited and confirmed my belief about how good Tony is. His work must be so useful that thousands decide to join his live seminar.
This 4 day Tony Robbins Sydney live event was a total immersion. The moment I walked inside the room, I was greeted by the amazing team with hi fives and hugs. The event staff was really helpful and supportive. Some of the staffs were past attendees of this event and they just wanted to come back to pay it forward.

Tony’s event used loud music, big screens and stage which energized people and helped them get to their peak state. The state we are in is very important, with the right state of mind, we can absorb more and faster information. I wasn’t concerned about having my back sore because we got up and stretched many times during each session.

upw sydney 2015The first day at the event was called “turn fear into power”. With more than 10 hours of building up my state and practice shouting “yes, yes yes”, me and thousands of others were ready to walk on fire. Yes, I literally did walk on a bed of 1200-2000 degrees fahrenheit burning hot in bare feet. With the right technique taught by Tony, we all were able to overcome the challenge. The Firewalk is a metaphor for overcoming whatever we are afraid of doing and has been stopping us from achieving our goals.

The second day of the event was called “turn dreams into reality”. The part I love the most was about learning how to give ourselves recognition that we deserve. All of us has been hard on ourselves at some point in our lives. I also learned the ultimate success formula, which goes like this:

Step 1. Get Clear On What You Want.

Knowing what you want in details is very crucial because clarity is power. Visualize yourself living in the dream life with all the little details and with absolute clarity. The more specific you are about what you want, the better.

Step 2. What’s Your Big Why

Why do you want what you want? Why is that important to you? Why do you must have it? What can’t you give up? Your “WHY” gives you the power to take massive action. Without a strong enough and big enough why, you will struggle to obtain the desired results. You MUST know your why! Why do you do what you do? Reasons come first, answers come second. Know your why!

Step 3. Take Massive Immediate Action

When you know what you want and why you want, you must take massive level of action immediately. Do not wait. Success requires a sense of urgency. You might not know everything but just do whatever you can and start where you are. Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Step 4. Be Honest With Your Results and Get Feedbacks.

You cannot manage something that you cannot measure. Be specific with what you have achieved so far and change your approach if necessary to continue staying on the right track to your outcome. Keep changing your approach until you get what you want.

tony robbins sydneyThe third day of the event was called “breakthrough to your new life”. A breakthrough is when the impossible becomes possible. I learnt many things on this day including how to have any breakthrough. I also very enjoyed the last day, which is about health and vitality. We all were given the right strategies to master our health and energy.

Over 50 hours of this amazing event cannot be explained well enough in just a blog post. I suggest if you have followed Tony Robbins for a while and haven’t been to his live events, give it a go. It’s well worth it. The live event is always better than the recorded CDs or DVDs.

Check this website to learn more about the next UPW event in Sydney.